Take an unpaid break

Breadcrumb version 2.6.1, released on September 29, 2015, includes support for unpaid break tracking. 

Unpaid break tracking allows you to track your staff's breaks. This tracking complies with labor laws in several states. It also allows staff members to go on break without having to transfer checks. 

Unpaid break tracking is not automatically enabled in Breadcrumb. Learn how to enable the feature for your venue.

To take an update break:

1. You must clock in in order to take an upaid break. 

2. While clocked in, go to the home screen of the app and tap Take a Break. 

2. Tap Yes. You will be pinned out. While you are on a break, any staff member with permission to edit checks owned by other users can work on your open checks. 

3. When your break ends, pin into Breadcrumb and tap Yes at the end break prompt. You can now access and work on your checks.