Citizen Wireless Printer Setup

Setting Citizen Wireless SSID


  1. Make sure Printer is plugged into the router/AP giving off the wifi signal via a cat5 ethernet cable
  2. Print a test slip from the printer
  3. On a computer or iPad type in the IP address found on the printers test slip in the web browser
  4. Select Config
  5. Enter default username (admin) and Password (admin) and click log in
  6. Select Wireless LAN tab                  
  7. Select Start under SCAN AP to scan for available access points 
  8. Select the Wifi Network you would like to join and hit ‘set’ (Note: If 'set' is unavailable on the iPad screen, rotate the iPad vertically and then back to its horizontal position)       
  9. Input the Wifi network password in the field Pre-Shared key. Select Submit then hit OK 
  10. Select Maintenance > Save & Reboot > Yes (Note: Wait until the page is fully reloaded after selecting Yes and then unplug the printer's ethernet cable)
  11. Ensure the printer was configured correctly:
  • Remove ethernet cable from back of printer
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • There are 2 ways to see if the printer is connected

A. The RED light to the right of the ethernet port stays RED and does not blink

B. Print another test slip and verify at the bottom that the SSID is correctly displayed