How do I add a new employee

Follow the instructions below to learn how to add a new employee to your business' Breadcrumb POS.

  1. Log into Breadcrumb HQ or Pin into the Breadcrumb App
  2. Click the “Users” tab on HQ, or access the “Employees” Button from the Breadcrumb App
  3. Click the add button with the plus sign on the top right
  4. Enter the first and last name of the employee
  5. If you want to give the user access to HQ, enter a valid email address for that user. He/she will receive an email inviting them to create a password and activate their HQ access.
  6. If the User has access to the Breadcrumb App enter in a four digit pin. You can also generate a random pin by clicking on "Generate Pin"
  7. Choose a Role from the Choose a Role drop down menu
    NOTE: You must set up roles before you can assign them here. Permissions are set at the role level and then applied to each user. Roles allow you to control the level of access that your employees have in Breadcrumb. You can learn more about creating and editing roles here.
  8. Add all roles the employee will perform. Learn more about setting up multiple job roles for individual employees. 
  9. If you are keeping track of the user’s hourly wages through Breadcrumb, enter in their hourly pay rate. If you are not using Breadcrumb for payroll, simply keep the hourly wage as 0.
  10. If applicable select a “Zone” for the user to default to. You can learn more about Zones here.
  11. Add another role, payrate and zone if relevant. Find more information here
  12. If you are utilizing magnetic swipe cards enter in the “Name” and “Last Four Digits” of the user's card. Magnetic swipe cards can be purchased from Breadcrumb directly at
  13. Click Save