Offline Mode Reasons and Troubleshooting


Offline Mode has you covered! For the most part, you can continue working and serving your customers while in Offline Mode. We provide troubleshooting steps for many of the reasons that you might be Offline Mode. 

Offline Mode occurs if:

To find out why you're in Offline Mode:

  1. Tap the lightning bolt on the orange bar. 
  2. Tap Why are we offline? 
  3. The reason screen will show you why you're in Offline Mode. 


Breadcrumb automatically works to restore connectivity when you're in offline mode, but troubleshooting can help too. 

Payment Processor Issue

Occasionally, credit card processors such as Chase, TSYS or American Express may experience failures. If any of your processors are having an issue, we detect it automatically when we receive certain failure messages after you swipe a card. If it's a failure message, your iPad will automatically go into Offline Mode. 

Each iPad in your system will go into Offline Mode as attempts are made to process credit card payments. You may have to try to swipe the card a few times to get the terminal into Offline Mode. 

Our engineers begin working with our processing partners the minute we see any issues. Typically, processor issues can be resolved within an hour. Meanwhile, continue working in Offline Mode. 

If you believe an iPad is stuck in Offline Mode for Payments reasons, tap the Try to Reconnect Payments button. 

Local Network Issue

Troubleshooting Offline Mode because of a Local Area Network issue is important. These issues are unique to your venue. The Why are we offline screen offers some specific steps to troubleshoot your network issues. Tap each troubleshooting step for details (or look below). Our hardware guide gives you an easy to understand overview of your network. We recommend that you print it and keep it handy for troubleshooting. 


  1. Make sure that the iPad wireless is turned on. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPad and ensure that the Wireless icon is white and the Airplane icon is Gray. 
  2. Check your router - make sure your router is plugged in, turned on, and all cables are securely plugged into it. 
  3. If only one iPad is offline, it may be too far from your router. Try moving it closer to your router. If this helps, consider adding access points to your network. 
  4. If you use Access Points, try moving them around. 


Loss of Internet Connectivity

Unfortunately, there is not much that our team can do to help if your internet service fails. Remember, Offline Mode has you covered! Here how to tell if it's a service provider issue. 

  1. Check your internet cables - are they securely plugged into the router and your modem? 
  2. If your cables are correct, you should conact your Internet Service Provider (Comcast, Time Warner, etc.)

Breadcrumb Servers

Our engineers are on call 24/7. When we encounter an issue that impacts your service, we drop everything and begin working on resolution. You will reconnect automatically as soon as the issue is resolved.