Reports Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Why is my Sales Report incorrect?

  • Are you viewing the Sales Report before your trading day has closed?
    • Wait until after trading day closure for complete accuracy as data from an open trading day is live & will be recalculated & sealed at closure to determine totals based upon all closed check information including credit card authorizations which need to be captured at trading day closure.

Why doesn’t the  Net  multiplied by my venue’s  Tax Rate  equal the  Total Tax?

  • An item(s) may have been sold that had a tax rate of 0%.
  • A check could have been processed as tax exempt.
    • An item’s Category may still be tax inclusive or exclusive,  however if its tax rate is 0% in the items details,  then taxes will not be included on top of the price of the item,  therefore reducing the amount of your taxes collected.