Kitchen Display Systems - KDS

Note: KDS support is included in Breadcrumb 2.7.1 or higher. Breadcrumb 2.7.1 will release on October 4, 2016. 

The Kitchen Display System feature in Breadcrumb serves as a replacement for (or an addition to) the thermal printer in the kitchen. It is an optional feature that can save time and paper in the kitchen.

Please email your account manager or for more information on getting KDS set up in your restaurant.


KDS Setup

  1. Printer Group Set Up - Before using your KDS, ensure your the printer groups are set up in HQ. You can find information about printer group management here. Identify which printer group you’d like your KDS to belong to. The KDS will essentially become a printer in that group. If you'd like to have the KDS and a printer in your kitchen, add the KDS to an existing printer group. Now you'll get a printed chit and a KDS display. 
  2. Permissions - You may not want every person in your restaurant to have access to KDS. For instance, a server may not have access because he/she may want to move items around. To set permission:
    • Go to HQ > Users > Roles
    • Scroll to General Permissions > View and edit chits on the iPad Kitchen Display System 
    • Check that box for each role that should see the KDS  

Each KDS system you run must download the Breadcrumb POS App on the iPad you'll be using as a KDS device. Once the feature has been enabled you'll see the 'Kitchen Display System' button appear on the home screen of the Breadcrumb App. Tap into the ‘Kitchen Display System’ button to activate KDS on the iPad.


Give the device a distinct name to differentiate it from other devices. It could be something like "Colds KDS." 

Now, tap the Printer Group Arrow to get to the Group Screen. 

Once on the Printer Group screen, select the printer group this KDS device will belong to. And then tap the back arrow. 

If other standard printers belong to this printer group tickets will also print as well. Read more about printer groups here.



Target times reflect your ideal for order turnaround in the kitchen. When orders exceed the target time, they'll turn red, indicated that they're late. 

Once everything is set up, tap Back to Breadcrumb. 



Using the KDS:  

KDS Order Board:


Dismiss a course: 

To dismiss a course tap the course header. The dismissed course will collapse into a grey bar and display a timestamp of when the course was completed


Dismiss an entire chit: 

To dismiss an entire chit tap on the chit header. The dismissed chit will be removed from the board and be sent to the order "History"

View and recall dismissed orders: 

Tapping the 'History' button on the lower right hand corner takes you into a board of all the dismissed chits.

To undismiss an individual course tap the yellow 'Undismiss Course' button

To undismiss an entire chit tap the chit header.

For quick 'undos' you can recall the last dismissed chit from the KDS board from the 'Recall Last' button just to the left of the 'History' button.

Changed Items:

If a server or bartender adds an item, edits modifiers or adds a note to an item the KDS chit will display a "Changed Ticket" banner with the change timestamp  to alert the expeditor.

 Voided Items: 

Voided Items will appear with a voided indication on the chit.