Set an Item Count

Breadcrumb POS allows you to set an item count on the fly. Each time an item is ordered your inventory will be depleted by one. Voiding or deleting an item from a check will add back to the count. The item will be automatically 86ed when the last one is ordered.

To set an item count from the app:

  1. On the order screen, hold your finger down on the item
  2. A screen will appear with the option to add a count. Toggle to "Track item inventory count-down."
  3. Select the number of items you have remaining
  4. Press the check mark to save
  5. You will now see the item count on the item from all iPads. The item will be unavailable to be ordered when the count reaches 0.

If you want to set a recurring count that resets each day, go to edit that item on HQ and follow these instructions.