Enable Unpaid Breaks Feature

Breadcrumb version 2.6.1, released on September 29, 2015, includes support for unpaid break tracking. 

Unpaid break tracking allows you to track your staff's breaks. This tracking complies with labor laws in several states. It also allows staff members to go on break without having to transfer checks. 

Unpaid break tracking is not automatically enabled in Breadcrumb. To enable the feature for your venue, follow these steps. 

Once unpaid break tracking is enabled, breaks will appear on employee timecards and break periods will be subtracted from employee work hours. 

Learn how Unpaid Break Tracking works in the app

  1. On HQ, go to Settings > Labor Settings
  2. In the Breaks section at the top of the page, check off the box that reads "Enable unpaid break tracking" 
  3. Click Save

Find out how to take an unpaid break here.