Onboarding: Go Live Activities

Thanks for signing up with Breadcrumb! It is our goal to get you set up and live with Breadcrumb as quickly as possible. We'll work with you nearly every day to ensure that we begin our business relationship successfully. 

Here are the steps to get you going. 

    1. Your Hardware Order
    2. Menu Set Up
    3. Payments and Banking Info
    4. Hardware Set Up
    5. Table Map Set Up
    6. Staff Onboarding
    7. Get Live
    8. Go Live 

1. Your Hardware Order

Your sales rep will help you decide which of our hardware options is right for you. Once you say yes to Breadcrumb, your sales associate will assess your needs, place your order and take your billing information. You hardware will not ship until you sign off on the order. Once you sign off, your hardware will ship to you at a mutually agreed upon date. 


2. Menu Set Up

Your menu is the foundation of your point of sale. We understand that rules around taxes, modifiers and side dishes can be challenging, and our team of menu specialists is here to help. Please follow these steps so that we can get your menu set up as quickly as possible. 

Email your menu to activations@breadcrumb.com .

You can send us any format - a pdf, a Word doc, a spreadsheet, a Google Doc or even a clear photograph of your menu. Please be sure to send us everything - food, beverages, sides, etc. and to include prices. 

For each item, or item type, include all modifiers that may be ordered. This can include modifiers such as temperatures for meats or toppings for pizza, or common notes such as allergies or special requests (on the side). For each modifier, tell us whether you want this forced (required) or unforced (optional). 

If you serve wine, beer and/or alcohol, send us a list of all your brands along with pricing. 

Learn more about menus in Breadcrumb


3. Payments and Banking info

It's important that we get your payments and banking information set up and tested as quickly as possible so that we can ensure that your money is routing properly to your bank account. This process includes:

  • Decide upon a processor. Many Breadcrumb merchants have made this decision already. If you haven't, your sales associate can give you information to help you decide. 
  • Forward a VAR sheet to your processor in order to ensure that the proper routing is in place for all credit card payments. 
  • Ensure that your processor sends the VAR sheet back to activations@breadcrumb.com
  • Verify deposits. Once we receive the VAR sheet, we will set up your account in Breadcrumb and make a small deposit into your account. You must verify those deposits in order to go live.


We advise that you get started on this as quickly as possible, as it can sometimes take your processor several days to complete their part of this process. 


4. Hardware Set Up

Once your iPads and network equipment arrive, you can schedule a set up call so we guide you as you set up your network. We know it seems hard, but our activations team are experts at guiding merchants. 

Your hardware is shipped with color coded labels to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Your iPads already have Breadcrumb installed, and if you got your router from us, your iPads and printers are already configured too! 

Before our schedule call:

Please read our Hardware Installation Guide.

Please have any passwords or access codes you’ll need. These include:

    • Your Router SSID and Password
    • Your Static IP Address (if necessary)
    • iPad restriction code (if you’re supplying your own iPad)
    • Your Apple ID (if you’re supplying your own iPad)

Know where your internet cables, existing routers, etc. are located in your venue.


5. Table Map Set Up

Breadcrumb’s view of Zones and Tables can make service a snap. Please follow these steps to get your tables set up. 

  1. Login to HQ and navigate to the Settings section to define your Zones and Tables.
  2. Now to the Breadcrumb app on your iPad. Tap the Table icon on the left. You'll see your Zones there already. 
  3. Tap any Zone and then Tap Edit. 
  4. In the Object Properties screen, tap Table to add any table. You'll see a list of all tables you've associated with that zone. 
  5. Use the editing tools to select a table shape and to control the size. 
  6. Add obstacles such as bars, walls, host stands, etc. to give your servers more context during service. 

Need assistance with creating your table map? Once you've got your zones and tables set up in HQ, you can email us a floor plan and we'll help get you started. 


6. Staff Onboarding

Breadcrumb includes many labor management features that help you track labor costs, identify your most productive employees and set Breadcrumb app access permissions. To take advantage of all these tools, you'll need to set up roles and users in Breadcrumb. 

Here's an overview of roles and recommended role types. 

Setting up roles:

  1. Login to HQ and navigate to the Users section. Click Roles
  2. Click Add
  3. Name your role. Make it easy to remember and understand. Like Server. 
  4. Add a default screen. This is the first screen in the app anyone with this role will see.
  5. Select permissions. All users with that role will have these permissions so be sure you understand them. 
  6. Click save. 

Need more info? Watch our short video on roles

Setting up users (or employees): 

  1. Login to HQ and navigate to the Users section. Click Users
  2. Click Add
  3. Be sure to add a pay rate. This will make your labor and sales reports far more useful. 
  4. Have an employee with multiple roles that have different pay rates? Click the add another role button and add that here. Learn more about multiple roles
  5. Once you have added your employee, you'll see them on a list. Click the arrow to add in info like phone numbers, addresses, etc. Now you have all this info at your fingertips. 

Need more info? Watch our short video on users


7. Get Live

Breadcrumb Live is our iPhone app that lets you track your business in real time from anywhere.  


8. Go Live

Once we’ve got your Hardware, Menus, Table Map, Staff, and Payments set up, we schedule a call to run through your Go Live checklist. We want to ensure that your first day of service with Breadcrumb is seamless.